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It is recommended that all international students have a UK based Educational Guardian who will act as the parents' representative whilst the student is studying in the UK. Connections Education provides a professional, personalised guardianship service to overseas students in UK boarding schools and Colleges across England and Wales.

We understand the concerns of parents sending a child to boarding school in the UK. We support the students during the term, and take full responsibility for their welfare at times when the school is closed. We take care of practical issues including booking accommodation and transport, as well as emergencies such as accidents or illness. We provide a host family for your child to stay with and arrange necessary transport during half term and exeat weekends. We will ensure your child’s host student accommodation is safe, clean and comfortable.

Acting on behalf of the parents, we contact the house staff over pastoral issues, and academic staff over study progress on a regular basis. We attend parents evening every semester and visit your child or school when requested. We are committed to keep the communication between parents and school smooth and efficient.

With our highly experienced experts, we provide guidance on study in UK institutions from schools to universities.  We can help you and your child to choose GCSE and A level courses, monitor their progress and provide tutors to make sure that they achieve their aims and go to the top universities to study their favourite course.

We tailor our service package to each child's needs. Please contact us to discuss

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