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Manchester Summer School Programme

Oxford Education Group has collaborated with the University of Manchester School of Business to develop an exclusive summer program, the Manchester University Business School Summer Course Program, which aims to familiarize students who plan to study abroad with the teaching methods and training models of the British University Business School in advance. Adapt to the teaching mode of the group case teaching method of the British Business School, understand the teaching rhythm and content, but also provide students with an excellent platform and opportunity to experience the life of studying abroad, understand British culture and improve spoken English. After completing the content of the project and passing the assessment, students can get 15 credits from the University of Manda Business School and at the same time obtain the summer school certificate of the University of Manda Business School and the recommendation letter signed by the professor of the University of Manda Business School with gold content. After returning to China, students can transfer their credits to universities in their home country, which can effectively improve their score points and enrich their academic background, which will help students to apply for postgraduate studies and job search in related majors abroad.
◆ Project duration: 2 weeks
◆ Course themes: innovation, strategy and leadership, venture capital and private equity, international management, international trade, and international human resource management.
◆ Instructors: All are professors of the University of Manda Business School Language: All English
◆ Accommodation conditions: standard English-style student apartment, single room, private bathroom, kitchen laundry room.
◆ Other schedules:
① Excursion to attractions in Manchester city (Manchester Industrial Museum, BBC, Old Trafford Stadium, City Hall, John Ryland Library, Manchester Museum);
② Visit Chester, York, Oxford, London and other British historical and cultural cities and Bicester shopping village on weekends;
③Students can watch British dramas, musicals, experience various cultural festivals during their free time, and experience British traditions and popular culture.
④Heads of Oxford University's female entrepreneurship NGOs share innovation and entrepreneurship experience.

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