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Consultancy for Students

We provide high quality consultation and service to students who want to study in the UK and help higher education institutions and schools attract and recruit the best, most qualified, financially-supported students from China. We communicate with the student to understand their interests, aptitudes, abilities, personality and learning style and then recommend suitable institutions and guide the student through all stages.

Counselling - We help the student to select the right course for them, according to academic interest and requirements. We provide detailed and updated information for institutions and courses to make sure students make the best decision to meet their goals and their potential.

Assistance with admission - We help all our students with the documentation required to be submitted alongside the application forms.  We work closely with the institutions to guarantee that students receive the offer letter within set time limit.

Visa Application Support - We support students in preparing documentations required to obtain the student visa. When necessary, we can provide training for visa interviews to boost the student’s confidence.

Pre-departure and Arrival Arrangements - We provide guidance sessions and to-do lists to help students prepare for their travels and avoid unnecessary panic. Airport transport and accommodation can also be arranged on request.

Ongoing support through study in the UK - We understand the culture shock and difficulty in studying abroad. We have dedicated staff to provide everyday life assistance as well as academic support.

Advice on part time employment while studying - We provide guidance on how to find a part time job to students who want to earn some pocket money and have work experience.

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